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Who We Are

Al-Ihsan Educational Foundation is a registered non-profit organization Islamic Institute, based in Surrey, BC. We provide authentic and quality Islamic Knowledge for everyone, everywhere.

Al Ihsan offers a wide range of educational programs and services for students, families, and communities all around BC. Our programs and services include, and are not limited to: full-time, part-time, and online courses, a Darul Iftaa, workshops and seminars, and more.

Our Mission

We are committed to conveying authentic and traditional knowledge using today’s technology and resources.

Serving Muslim Communities: To educate and train individuals with the practical knowledge of Qurʾān and hadith, and the wealth of Islamic knowledge preserved over the centuries, so they can thrive and prosper through the correct understanding and application of this knowledge. This is facilitated through a range of part-time and full-time programs, seminars and classes conducted through our various departments and faculties.

Serving Broader Communities: To facilitate correct understanding of Islam and Muslims in Western society through educational programs. We endeavor to openly present an accurate account of Islamic beliefs, values and practices and conduct our work with a spirit of compassion, courtesy and unity. The ultimate goal is to have a society where all faiths and ethnicities are dealt with a sense of understanding and respect. This is achieved through series of workshops, seminars and other educational programs.

A Brief History

Al-Ihsan Educational Foundation was founded in 2003 in Montreal, Quebec by Mufti Aasim Rashid, then known as Al-Khayr Institute. With just a handful of students, Quran memorization and Aalim Course classes would take place in the back room of a local masjid. In 2009, the institute moved to Surrey, BC, and was registered under the name of Al–Ihsan Educational Foundation. Over the years, we have grown immensely and significantly expanded our scope of programs and services available to the Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

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