Al Ihsan Miftaah Conference

Prophetic Connections Seminar

👉 Reconnecting with Allah SWT, Yourself and Others
📚 As commonly said within our tradition, the one who knows himself, knows his Lord. The relationship with knowing Allah SWT has a direct correlation with knowing ourselves. Oftentimes, this cannot be done without also connecting with those around us as well. The Prophet (SAW) was a master of all three, spending days in isolation (prior to prophethood), nights in worship and also being the best to the people around him.
🏫 Join us for Prophetic Connections, a worship on reconnection to Allah, ourselves, and others led by Mufti Abdul Wahab Waheed, Shaykh Mikaeel Smith, Mufti Taha Masood, Shaykh Sheryar Bashir, and Imam Yama Niazi.
📋 Our seminar will be held on:
🗓 Friday, October 27th in Vancouver between 6:00 - 10:00 PM
Venue TBA