Essentials of Islam: A part-time course for Adults

We are currently in the process of revamping this course and will open registrations for a new intake around fall 2021

Following years of requests, Al Ihsan Educational Foundation is pleased to launch a course that familiarizes, or re-familiarizes Muslim adults with the most crucial aspects of their religion, empowering to solidify their foundation of understanding and practices. The course aims to provide students with theory and practical information and provides an opportunity to ask questions and get clarifications.


Program Outline

  • Class 1: Adult Quran Classes + Tajweed
  1. Brush up on your Quran recitation skills.
  2. Learn and implement the rules of tajwid, and recite the Quran in a manner which is pleasing to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala
  • Class 2: Islamic Studies
  1. Beliefs and Creeds: Learn the fundamentals of the Aqida (creed) of Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jamaah
  2.  Worship: Concepts+Method: Learn the rulings and practice methods of the fundamental worships in Islam, including Tahara, Salaat, Siyaam, Zakat and Hajj.
  3.  Study of Quran & Hadith: Learn tafsir of select portions of the 30th juz from the Holy Quran. Study an extensive collection of ahadith pertaining to the fundamentals of Islam

All taught by certified Islamic Scholars, under the supervision and direction of Mufti Aasim Rashid Saab (daamat barakaatuhum)!


Class will be held once a week, every Saturday from 12:00 PM– 3:00 PM PST.
12 PM – 1 PM: Quranic recitation- This class is available for brothers only and must be attended on-site.

1 PM – 3 PM: Islamic Studies: This class will also be available online! On-site for brothers only, and online for both brothers and sisters.

Thise duration of this program is approximately 1 year, divided into two terms. However, students may choose to attend for more than a year, as this is an ongoing program.

Holidays will be given for Eid, Ramadan, and other select occasions. A detailed class schedule will be provided to students.


  • Class 1: Quranic Recitation (brothers only): On-site only at the Al-Ihsān Centre in Surrey, BC Canada: 11-8285 132 St. Surrey BC
  • Class 2: Islamic Studies:
    • On-site: Brothers only
    • Online: Brothers and Sisters through a live interactive webinar.
  • Any students who can not make it for class at the designated times will have access to video recordings of the class, which they may use to study at their own pace or to catch up on missed materials.


  • Brothers may choose to enroll in both classes of the program or may choose to attend only one.
  • Sisters may enroll only in the online Islamic Studies class.
  • Fees for one class are $50 per month
  • Fees for both classes are $60 per month
  • Fees for the first month are due in order to confirm your enrollment, and are non-refundable.

For any questions, please contact us at

or Call (778) 223 – 5505