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A series of weekend-intensive courses aimed towards educating the masses on the most practical, fundamental, and crucial aspects of Islam

Upcoming Courses


Tafsir Intensive

Taught by Mufti Aasim Rashid — A five-day  intensive course covering the in-depth tafsīr of Surah Yusuf. The course will delve into historical backgrounds, asbab al-nuzūl, lessons, history, and more!

Past Courses


Money Matters

Taught by Mufti Aasim Rashid, Money Matters is a Two-Day Course In Islamic Finances and their Modern-Day Applications


Social Justice in Islam in the Light of 40 Ahādīth

A two-day weekend intensive course covering relevant and crucial topics. Through the study of 40 on topic ahādīth, this course will illuminate the Islamic perspective of social issues including racism, women’s rights, oppression in all its forms, preventative measures, and more.


Weekend Sirah Intensive

A three-day intensive course covering all the major aspects of our beloved Prophet’s (saw) life and lifestyle. This course contains three modules: Shamāil, Makki life, and Madani life. Click below to learn more.

Who Lit the Match?

A two-day intensive course focused on Islamic beliefs and doctrines about the existence and ways of Allah (swt). Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Allah’s exitense, attributes, destiny, and more. 

Ramadan Workshop 2020

A two-day intesive course offered online in preparation for Ramadan. Learn all the Intricate details of the fiqh of discharging your zakat!

Ramadan Workshop 2020

A two-day intesive course offered online in preparation for Ramadan. Learn all the Intricate details of the fiqh of discharging your zakat!

Essentials of Eid Sacrifice 2021

A day intesive course offered online in preparation for Eid Al-Adha. Learn all the Intricate details of the Fiqh of Udhiya (Qurbani)

Who is Ihsan Intensive for?

This series of courses is aimed at anyone who has the desire and yearning to learn about Islam. The variety of courses offered through Ihsan Intensive means that anyone, regardless of age, occupation, gender, or lifestyle, can benefit and learn.

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What do we teach?

We teach you what you want to learn. All of the subjects we select for our Ihsan Intensive courses are based on feedback received from hundreds of students over the past years. Whether what you learn is about deeds, beliefs, dealings, or otherwise, you will be able to apply the knowledge you obtain to your daily lives immediately.

our teaching team

Mufti Aasim Rashid Saab

Mufti Aasim Rashid

Sheryar Bashir

Shaykh Sheryar Bashir

Taha Masood

Shaykh Taha Masood

Nabil Khan

Shaykh Nabil Khan

Ali Syed

Shaykh Ali Syed

Shaykh Faiz Buksh

Shaykh Faiz Buksh

Serving All of Canada

Ihsan Intensive courses are offered throughout Canada in different cities. You will find programs in the Lower Mainland as well as in all major cities in every province at different times of the year.

Onsite and Online

In addition to our onsite classrooms available to both brothers and sisters, we also offer an option to take part live online. Onsite classes take place at varying locations, based on the needs and requirements of our students and classes. Online classes can be accessed from anywhere in the world using live online interactive software.

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Want to take part in one of our courses?

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Community Course Request

Is there a course you think your community can benefit from? Let us know, and we’ll do our best to arrange a program for you. The programs we offer can be held in mosques, community centers, universities, and more!


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