Al-Ihsan Islam Unravelled

A Series of Professional Development Workshops for government and other organizatoins to help them better understand Islam and interact with Muslim clients, colleagues and partners

Al-Ihsan launched an educational outreach department in 2016 named Islam Unravelled. The initiative is led by Mufti Aasim Rashid, supported by dozens of volunteers.

It consists of seminars, workshops, orientations and presentations to public and private organizations, schools, service providers, corporations, government agencies, faith groups, as well as the general public

To date, dozens of such programs have been conducted, with a reach of over 10,000 people across Canada

Some of the most common programs conducted under this department include:


  • Countering the Terrorist
  • Narrative of Islam
  • Training for Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Explaining Mainstream Islam vs Extremism
  • Dealing with Muslim Families in the Context of Law Enforcement
  • Orientations for Counter-terrorism Unit
  • Orientations for Hostage Units
  • Islam’s Mandate for National Security
  • Islam and Crime Prevention
  • Gaining Cooperation of Canadian Muslim Communities
  • Islamic View on Modern Gender Issues
  • Islam on Environmental Responsibility


  • Islam on End-of-Life Care
  • Islamic Ethics of Business and Finance
  • Islam on Stress Management
  • Islam on Depression, Mental Health
  • Islam on Poverty and Homelessness
  • Brotherhood of Prophets in Torah, Bible and Quran
  • Muslim Contribution to Modern Society
  • Meet Your Muslim Neighbour
  • Islam and Spirituality
  • Understanding Islamophobia
  • How to Respond to Islamophobia
  • Workshops for Social Workers and Settlement Workers
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