Mufti Aasim A. Rashid (may Allah protect him)



Mufti Aasim Rashid grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and started his formal education in the Islamic sciences at Jaamiah al-Uloom al-Islamiyyah Ajax, Ontario in 1992. After completing five years of intensive studies, he travelled to Dabhel, Gujarat India for higher studies in 1996, then went to complete his ʿālim course in Dewsbury, England and graduated with distinctive honours in 1999.  Upon graduation he began his career as an educator, teaching a wide range of Islamic and academic subjects. It was during this period of teaching that he commenced his specialization (takhaṣṣuṣ) in al-fiqh al-islamī and iftāʾ under his professors at Ajax.  This specialization continued even after he left Ajax to serve other Muslim communities in Canada.  After several years of serving as an imam, educator and public speaker he travelled to Karachi, Pakistan to complete this specialization at the renowned Islamic University at Binnori Town.  During his tenure in Karachi he also completed extensive studies and practical instruction in Islamic banking and finance.  These studies were conducted in consultation with Mufti Taqi Usmani and under experts appointed by him.

Aside from his certification in Islamic knowledge (ʿālimiyyah), he also holds a degree in iftāʾand a Masters’ degree in Islamic studies.  He has committed the Qurʾān to memory and has been leading tarāwīḥ prayers for many years.

Mufti Aasim Rashid has been graced with ijāzah in all major books of hadith, fiqh and tafsīrfrom numerous scholars, including Mufti Taqi Usmani, Maulana Safaraz Khan Safdar, Mufti Abdul Salam Chatgami, Dr. Abdul Haleem Nomani, Dr. Taqiuddin Nadwi and his spiritual mentor and shaykh Hazrat Maulana Yusuf Motala.

He has also acquired formal education in alternative medicine, obtaining diplomas in Homeopathy and Naturopathy.  He also holds certifications in various other disciplines of natural medicine.



Upon graduating Mufti Aasim Rashid was appointed as a teacher at Jaamiah Ajax, where he served for several years. He taught major books of fiqhtafsīr and hadith, including Sunan Abū DāwūdSunan NasāʾīSunan Ibn Mājah, and al-Ṭaḥāwī .  He has also taught academic subjects such as English and Canadian Law at the senior high school level.    From the year 2003 to 2008, he was the Imam at a major Islamic center in Montreal, Quebec, where he laid the foundation for his dārul ʿulūm, which is now known as the Al-Iḥsān Institute of Higher Islamic Education.  He continued to teach at Jaamiah Ajax as a visiting professor of hadith, a position he maintains to date.

Mufti Aasim held the positions of Director of Religion and Islamic Education for the B.C. Muslim Association, a large Islamic organization operating a wide network of mosques and schools in Canada, from 2010 to 2015.

Currently, he is teaching and managing at the Al-Ihsan Educational Foundation, in Surrey, B.C., which he founded in Montreal in 2003. To date, four batches qualified scholars have graduated.

He conducts weekly lectures on hadith and tafsīr, as well as workshops and seminars on many important issues.  He is a well-known speaker at Islamic events, as well as at colleges, universities and interfaith programs.

In 2016, Mufti Aasim laucnhed a new initiative called Islam Unravelled. Islam Unravelled consists of a series of professional develipment workshops for government and other organizations to help them better understand Islam and interact with Muslim clents, colleagues and partners. Click here for more information.


Mufti Aasim has compiled several works in Arabic, English and Urdu.  He has authored a series of textbooks for learning Arabic Grammar in English, as well as numerous books on important topics such as the sunnah of the beard, Eid sacrifices, ʿAqīdah, Islamic family life, Uṣūl al fiqh, and others.  He has compiled a collection of fatwās, legal rulings issued by him, and begun a research on a commentary of the book Sharḥ Maʿānī al-āthār of Imam Ṭaḥāwī –a major text in hadith and Ḥanafī fiqh.  Mufti Aasim is also an editor and contributing writer for the Integrated Encyclopedia of the Quran.

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