Part-Time Islamic School

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At Al-Ihsan, we believe that every child and youth deserves a robust Islamic education, where sufficient knowledge is provided about every aspect of Islam pertaining to our lives.  They should not only have a strong foundation in the basics of beliefs and worships, but also gain a deep familiarity with the Quran, hadith, seera, history and Islamic etiquette.  They should be provided with enough knowledge and insight to navigate through all aspects of life in light of these teachings.  It is with these goals that Al-Ihsan Educational Foundation launches its Part-time Islamic School, a project that will take our youngsters on a journey of knowledge, wisdom and Islamic tarbiya (training).  Along the way, they will become practicing Muslims, equipped with the tools to become strong ambassadors of Islam.

Program Overview        

The school offers 8 levels of education, each level consisting of 4 main courses:

       1. Mastery of Quranic recitation


  1. Learning and applying basic concepts of recitation
  2. To gain competence and proficiency in recitation
  3. Build up to a level of expertise in the art of Quranic recitation


      2. Memorization of Quran and hadith texts


  1. Memorization of a collection of suras in each level
  2. Memorization of a vast collection of supplications and adhkar
  3. Memorization of a significant collection of hadith


      3. Islamic Studies


  1. Complete 8-level Islamic Studies curriculum (My Deen series by Mufti Aasim Rashid)
  2. Wide range of Islamic knowledge including aqida (beliefs), worships, Prophetic Seera, History of Islam, Tafsir and hadith

      4. Hifz Program


Students who have completed the basic levels of Quran recitation and memorization will be enrolled into a specialized hifz program in which they will be able to complete memorization of the Quran at a specific pace, over a period of a few years, along with their other school studies.

How it is Taught

Each course is taught in a collective classroom environment, which means that even Quranic recitation and memorization occurs in a group setting, not in an isolated fashion (where students must read on their own for most of the class).  The class progresses as a group, and all students are given a fair chance to move at an appropriate pace, with ample class time given to help memorize and learn the lessons.  Participation in class discussions is encouraged to build confidence in students, and time is allotted for asking questions.

Students are supported and nurtured in applying what they learn to their daily lives, and special attention is given to building strong Islamic values and character.


Classes will be held Monday to Friday, 4:45 PM– 7:00 PM PST.

For any questions, please contact us at

or Call 778-552-7699


  • On-site at the Al-Ihsān Institute: 11-8285 132 St. Surrey BC. V3W 4N6


Please note that we are currently only accepting children who are 5 years old and up

  • Fees for this program are $50* per month
  • Fees are due upon registration.

*This is an introductory/discounted fee offered for students registering before January 2018, and will remain the same for them into 2018.  Those who register after January may see a modification in the fee.