Bachelors in Islamic Sciences (BIS) | Part-time Aalim Course

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About the Course

The Bachelors in Islamic Sciences (BIS) program offered exclusively at Al-Ihsan is a new, rich, immersive program aimed toward young adults and older Muslims who seek to take a firm hold onto their Islamic education. Derived from traditional Alimiyyah courses, the bachelors in Islamic Sciences is a part-time, 3 day a week course, which aims to educate students in the intricacies of Islam, and looks to establish a firm knowledge base upon which students will continue to build.

The curriculum firstly focuses on Arabic syntax and morphology, then transitions to an in-depth study of Arabic key texts, on subjects such as Islamic jurisprudence, philosophy, literature, and ethics, while condensing the information to make it more accessible to the modern student and working adult.

This creates a rich, informative, 5-year program which grants students the tools and training to further their Islamic education even after their tenure has been completed, and to become a powerful, positive impact in their community. 

Bachelors vs Masters

The Bachelors in Islamic Sciences is a five year part time program. Upon completion, students  graduate with a BA degree. Please note that the BA Diploma in Islamic Sciences is not equivalent to the complete Aalimiyya program (commonly known as the Aalim Course). Students wishing to complete the Aalimiyya program must complete the Masters in Islamic Sciences program.

The Masters in Islamic Sciences is a two year full-time program, which delves deep into the study of Islamic Jurisprudence, Quranic Exegesis, and Hadith studies . Upon successful completion of this program, students graduate as fully certified scholars (Aalim or Aalima) with a Shahada Alimiyya, i.e. a Masters Degree in Islamic Sciences.

For more information on the Masters in Islamic Sciences program, please click here.

Course Outline

To download the detailed syllabus, click here.

Arabic Syntax 1
Arabic Morphology 1
Arabic Linguistics 1
Arabic Literature 1
Jurisprudence 1
Vocalisation 1
Foundations 1-3
Arabic Syntax 2
Arabic Morphology 2
Arabic Literature 2
Arabic Linguistics 2
Hadith 1
Analytical Studies 1
Arabic Morphology 3
Arabic Literature 2-3
Arabic Composition 1
Jurisprudence 2
Quranic Exegeses 1
Foundations 4-5
Translation of Quran 1
Principles of Fiqh 1
Jurisprudence 3-4
Islamic Creed
Translation of Quran 2-4
Quranic Exegeses 2
Principles of Fiqh 2
Vocalisation 2
Islam Unravelled
Jurisprudence 5
Jurisprudence 6
Hadith 2
Principles of Fiqh 2
Principles of Tafsir
Principles of Hadith


Classes begin Saturday, January 20, 2018. (Tentative date)

Classes will be held three times a week,

Mondays and Wednesdays: 6:00 PM– 9:00 PM PST.

Saturdays: 8:00 AM– 12:00 PM PST.

Each year will be divided into 3 terms, with one to two week breaks in between each term. Full schedule of the first year will be posted here soon.


   How to attend classes

  • For males only: On-site at the Al-Ihsān Institute in Surrey, BC Canada: 7176 124 St
  • Males and females: Online through a live interactive Webinar

  Fees / Registration

  • Fees for this program are $250 per month
  • There is no registration fee
  • Fees for the first month are due upon registration.
  • Fees may be paid in a lump sum per year, or in regular monthly payments.
  • Fee payments do not cover the cost of books and other required materials.
  • Special arrangements may be made for students unable to meet the complete fees. Please contact us for more information.


  • The ability to read Quranic Arabic
  • There are no course prerequisites for the BIS program

For any questions, please contact us at

or Call

Maulana Nabil Khan 778.321.4662
Maulana Faiz Buksh 778.242.2149