Ramadan Workshop 2020

A Free Two-Day Online Course

An Ihsan Intensive Course

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Learn all about…

Fiqh of Fasting

Who must fast?
Who is excused from fasting?
What breaks the fast?
What does not break the fast?
Who can give fidyah?
What is the kaffarah?
What is the reality of moonsighting?
What is Sadaqatul Fitr?

and more…

Fiqh of Zakat

What is zakāt?
Who must pay zakāt?
Who can receive zakāt?
What is zakāt due on?
When is zakāt due?
How to calculate zakāt on cash, jewelry, assets, properties, debts, loans, investments, businesses, etc.

and more…

Saturday – Sunday
April 18 - 19, 2020

1:00 pm — 4:00 pm
Pacific Standard Time

Online Only
Due to Covid-19 Restrictions

Includes admission and course texts

This course is offered on collaboration with

Ask A Muslim Al-Ihsan
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