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What’s In a Beard? in the light of Quran and Hadith

by Mufti Aasim Ali Rashid (Author)

The position that Islam has, or will have, in the world has a great deal to do with how Muslims look at it, and to what extent they practice on its teachings, there was a time when Islam was running through every vein in a Muslim, and his actions were a living portrait of the glory and beauty of Islam, so the flag of Islam was fluttering proudly in the sky, lifted by the winds of success. The non-Muslims cold not dare to question Islamic concepts, because living examples of Islamic perfection were in front of them. The spirit of Islam started drifting away from the hearts of the Muslims, their bodies were no longer inclined to take all measures, undergo all hardships to practice their flawless religion. The new place for Islam was not a strong firm heart, but a dark, dusty corner in the human mind. It would no longer be nurtured and cared for, upheld and protected by the warmth of love and devotion, but would now be probed and dissected by the cold, merciless and unfeeling instrument of intellect, theory and logic. It was no longer a deep feelings, a faith, or a way of life, but had become a set of rules, a doctrine or constitution like the ones made by man, to be amended and abridged at will..

Where did we go wrong? The answer is simple: We left the pattern of life of our dear Prophet (SAW) who spent his days and nights, his sweat and blood, trying to teach us, and turned to what others had to offer. If we want our respect dignity and position of honour back, we must revert to that same pattern. This is why the subject of the noble practices of Rasulullah (SAW), Sunnah, holds so much weight. This article has been compiled as a reminder of one of the very important Sunnah’s – the beard. We hope that the readers will not only read carefully, but will practically implement it, and make a concerted effort to convey the information to others.
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