4th Annual

Fiqh of Zakat Workshop 2023

A Free One-Day Interactive Workshop

Detailed discussions of Zakāt and all its rulings

What is zakāt?
Why pay zakt?
Who must pay zakāt?
Who can receive zakāt?
What is zakāt due on?
When is zakāt due?

How to calculate zakāt on
 cash     assets    stocks     loans
NFTs     properties      jewelry
investments     cryptocurrency
debts     businesses     real-estate

Saturday March 26, 2022

10:30 am — 3:00 pm
Pacific Time

Recordings will be provided to all registered students

Online and Onsite
Brothers and Sisters Welcome

Includes admission and course texts

Lunch included for onsite attendees

Hear from past attendees

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The lecturer was extremely knowledgeable responsive and comprehensive. He handled all questions in a clear and quick manner. Thank you for doing this, we need more of this.
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I enjoyed the problem questions for the zakat portion The presentation was easy to follow, and the instructor explained everything well
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Amazing course! Very detailed and explained elaborately. I would recommend to everyone as it was designed for all levels of knowledge.
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Loved the examples for different zakat scenarios. Very clear workshop, factual and to the point and concise.
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Enjoyed expanding in our knowledge of zakaat. Very well taught. Doing the problems was interesting.
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The workshop was very knowledgeable and informative. I learned a lot today on Zakaat. Jazak Allah.
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this is an Excellent program, jazakallah khair
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It was well organized with wealth of new information about Zakat
Huzaifa S.
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Excellent lecture Shaykh! I really enjoyed you answering my questions as you were presenting!

This workshop is offered in collaboration with

Ask A Muslim Al-Ihsan
Al Ihsan UNHCR
Al Ihsan Enlightened Path Institute EPI

Sponsored by

Islamic Relief Al Ihsan Zakat