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Creating and Training Tomorrow's Ambassadors of Islam

At Al-Ihsan, we believe that every child and youth deserves a robust Islamic education, where sufficient knowledge is provided about every aspect of Islam pertaining to our lives.  They should not only have a strong foundation in the basics of beliefs and worships, but also gain a deep familiarity with the Quran, hadith, seera, history and Islamic etiquette.  They should be provided with enough knowledge and insight to navigate through all aspects of life in light of these teachings.  It is with these goals that Al-Ihsan Educational Foundation offers its Part-time Islamic School, a project that takes our youngsters on a journey of knowledge, wisdom and Islamic tarbiya (training).  Along the way, they will become practicing Muslims, equipped with the tools to become strong ambassadors of Islam.

Our flexible enrollment options help you decide what you want your children to learn and when they learn it

Weekday Classes

Our weekday classes focus on Quranic studies. These studies include instruction at levels varying from learning to recite from scratch all the way to memorizing the Quran. Learn more below.

Al-Ihsan Quran Islamic Studies
Al-Ihsan Quran Islamic Studies

Weekend Classes

Our weekend class focues on Islamic studies including the subjects of Tafsir, Hadith, Aqida, Fiqh, Sīra, Arabic Language and Islamic etiquette, and more. Learn more below.

Students attending onsite will also take part in games, sports, and other fun activities!

Quranic Studies

Mastery of Quranic recitation

  • Learning and applying basic concepts of recitation
  • To gain competence and proficiency in recitation
  • Build up to a level of expertise in the art of Quranic recitation

Memorization of Quran Texts

  • Memorization of a collection of suras from the 30th juz while a student works their way through reciting the entire Quran
  • Memorizing commonly recited suras including surah Yasīn, al-Mulk, as-Sajdah, al-Wāqi’a, and more
  • Continuous revision to ensure retention of memorized portions

Hifz Program

  • Students who have completed the basic levels of Quran recitation and memorization will be enrolled into a specialized hifz program in which they will be able to complete memorization of the Quran at a specific pace, over a period of a few years, along with their other school studies.
Al-Ihsan Quran Islamic Studies
Al-Ihsan Quran Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies Curriculum

  • Students study a 7-level curriculum, developed by Mufti Aasim Rashid specially for this program.
  •  Lessons, activities, and team work to help make the learning experience fun, effective, and fruitful.
  • Subjects covered in this curriculum include Quran translation and explanation, hadith memorization, rulings of tahara, detailed salat, history of sahaba, Aqida, and more.

Arabic Language

  • Introductory level Arabic conversation
  • Commonly used vocabulary
  • Understanding suras from the Quran


Every Saturday class will have a session devoted to activities and games for everyone.


  •  Table tennis, foosball, giant Jenga, bean bag toss, and more.


  • Weather permitting, we will take the children to a playground right next to Al-Ihsan where they can play games and sports with their friends.

Field Trips

  • Occasionally, we  take all the children on field trips to various locations.
  • Field trips in the past have been to bowling, PNE Playland, bouncy arenas, and laser tag.
Al-Ihsan Youth

Flexibile Enrollment Options

Weekdays Only (Mon-Thur)

  • Quranic Studies
  • Field Trips

$50 per month

Weekend Only (Saturday)

  • Islamic Studies
  • Activities, games, & sports
  • Field Trips

$45 per month

Full Program (Mon-Thur + Sat)

  • Quranic Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • Activities, games, & sports
  • Field Trips

$70 per month

Discounts are applicable to families enrolling more than 2 children. Additional financial assistance may be available.  Please contact us for more information.

All classes take place at the Al-Ihsan Centre in Surrey – 11-8285 132 St.


We are currently only taking enrollments for the following:

  • Boys ages 5-15
  • Girls ages 5-15

Classes will be divided based on age groups, with separate classes older boys and girls (9+). The launching of a specific class is subject to sufficient enrollments. Please be sure to check back regularly and follow us on Facebook to ensure you don’t miss any announcements. Please also sign up for our mailing list where the latest updates on courses and programs are shared.

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Tuition Payment by Etransfer

Please send your etrasnfer in the full amount of your course tuition to

IMPORTANT: The full name and email address you used to register for the course must be added as a note to the etrasnfer to assure the payment is applied to your account.