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Opening of Al Ihsan Centre

Alhamdulillah Al Ihsan has moved its operations into a new facility. The Al Ihsan Centre will serve as a community centre for men and women, offering 5 time salawat, all our educational programs, weekly lectures, [...]

Launch of New Program: Bachelors in Islamic Sciences

The Al Ihsan team is extremely happy to announce the launch of a long awaited program, the Bachelors in Islamic Science aka The Part-time Aalim Course. The Bachelors in Islamic Education program offered exclusively at [...]

Website Under Construction

This website is currently under construction. We are working hard to bring you a new functional and responsive site. To visit Al Ihsan's current site, please click here.

Welcome to Al Ihsan’s New Website

Assalamualaikum, We are proud to present to you Al Ihsan's newly designed and updated responsive website. Many new features and sections have been added to this site which were not present previously.  You'll find a [...]

Al Ihsan’s Courses

We offer a variety educational programs,
including full-time, part-time, and online courses

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