The Al-Ihsan Community

Al-Ihsan regularly offers and conducts programs for the local Muslim community, delivered in the form of prayer services, workshops, lectures and seminars. These services are offered at our Center and at other venues in and outside of BC.

Overview of Services

Juma Prayers

Al-Ihsan facilitates weekly Friday prayers at its own center, and also sends speakers to centers around the Vancouver region to conduct Friday prayers and sermons.

Weekly Dhikr Halaqa

A dhikr majlis followed by discourse pertaining to spirituality and self-improvement.

Weekly Youth Program

Series of Programs held for young men and women between ages of 10-20, addressing youth issues such as peer pressure, gangs and crime, radicalization, drug abuse and religious identity.

Weekly Duroos in English and Urdu

Weekly lectures delivered by qualified scholars on a variety of topics including Tafsīr, Hadīth, Sīra, Fiqh and more.

Seasonal Workshops

Our seasonal workshops help educate Muslims about relevent and current events, such as Ramadan and Hajj workshops, Essentials of the Eid al-Adha Sacrifice, Fiqh of Zakat, and more. Many of our scholars regularly conduct lectures and programs in neighbouring mosques and centres. Hundreds of our community members have and continue to take part in these programs.

Annual Programs

This includes a full range of Ramadan programs comprising of prayers, community iftār (fast-breaking) and special lectures. Al-Ihsan also conducts annual seminars attended by hundreds of community members. Al-Ihsan speakers deliver seminars across Canada at the invitation of various Muslim communities.

Dar al-Iftaa

An online and onsite hub where individuals can submit their religious inquiries, and receive answers to problems through authentic and reliable sources

Programs for Broader Canadian Communities

This includes workshops and seminars for community and faith-based groups. These programs, offered at the invitation of these groups, may address a current community issue in the light of Islamic teachings, or address common or specific questions about Islam and Muslims today.

Gallery of Past Events

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