The Al-Ihsan Community

Al-Ihsan regularly offers and conducts programs for the local Muslim community, delivered in the form of prayer services, workshops, lectures and seminars. These services are offered at our Center and at other venues in and outside of BC.

Community Programs

Al-Ihsān aims to provide a wide range of community programs that cater to males and females of all ages and diverse demographics and backgrounds. We regularly offer and conduct programs for the local Muslim community, delivered in the form of prayer services, workshops, lectures, seminars, youth activities, sports, community engagement, interfaith initiatives, and others. These services are offered at the Al-Ihsan Center and as well as other venues in and outside of BC.

Monthly Programs

Every month, Al-Ihsān organizes a community get-together in various formats. Each of these programs is repeated every 3-4 months.

  • Family Fun Day: A day of food, games, sports, and activities for everyone in the family.
  • Ladies Night: An evening for females-only above the age of 15 consisting of a pot-luck dinner, activities, and competitions. Childcare is provided for mothers with young children wishing to attend.
  • Game Night: An evening for children where they can get together to play video games while enjoying snacks and food.
  • Parents and Toddlers: A day for parents to attend with their toddler children and enjoy food, games, and activities catered to young children and infants.
  • Youth Day/Night: A day or evening for children aged 10-16 to attend and enjoy food, sports, and games together.
  • Movie Night: An evening where all members of the community can get together to enjoy an Islamic movie on a large-screen projector while enjoying snacks and food.

Weekly Programs

  • Weekly Youth Program: Series of Programs held for young men and women between ages of 10-20, addressing youth issues such as peer pressure, gangs and crime, radicalization, drug abuse and religious identity.
  • Weekly lectures delivered online in English, Urdu, and Arabic by qualified scholars on a variety of topics including Tafsīr, Hadīth, Sīra, Fiqh and more.
  • Jumu’a Prayers
  • Dhikr Majlis

Seasonal Workshops

Our seasonal workshops help educate Muslims about relevent and current events, such as Ramadan and Hajj workshops, Essentials of the Eid al-Adha Sacrifice, Fiqh of Zakat, and more. Many of our scholars regularly conduct lectures and programs in neighbouring mosques and centres. Hundreds of our community members have and continue to take part in these programs.

Seasonal Youth Programs

During the Spring, Summer, and Winter holidays, Al-Ihsān organizes a youth program for boys and girls aged 5-15. The programs last two to six weeks in length, and each day consists of a combination of Islamic education and activities. The education revolves around unique and special Islamic themes and topics chosen for each season. The activities occur at a local part across the Al-Ihsān Centre in Surrey and in Al-Ihsān’s large multi-purpose recreational facility.

Annual Seminars

Every year, Al-Ihsān hosts a large-scale public seminar on various essential and relevant topics. These take place in banquet halls or community centres and stadiums.

Islam Unravelled

Launched in 2016, Islam Unravelled serves as Al-Ihsān department of community engagement and diversity, outreach, and professional development. These programs take place in varying forms.

  • Professional Development: A series of professional development workshops for government and professional organizations to help them better understand Islam and interact with Muslim clients, colleagues, and partners.
  • Interfaith Work: Islam Unravelled builds relationships and connections between various faith groups. We work together to serve the communities and provide solutions to common problems and obstacles. Islam Unravelled team members also conduct educational programs in churches, synagogues, and other temples to educate others about common misconceptions of Islamic teachings.
  • Anti-Racism and Diversity: Islam Unravelled is the Official Faith-Based Convener for anti-Racism initiatives in the Province of British Columbia, working in partnership with Resilience BC. We serve as an anti-racist interfaith education and engagement initiative that specializes in dismantling barriers, racism, prejudice, and discrimination against Muslims or other religious or racial groups through innovative educational, engagement, and technological programs. 

Programs for Broader Canadian Communities

This includes workshops and seminars for community and faith-based groups. These programs, offered at the invitation of these groups, may address a current community issue in the light of Islamic teachings, or address common or specific questions about Islam and Muslims today.

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