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The Marriage Handbook

by Mufti Aasim Ali Rashid (Author)

All praise is for Allah alone, and may his choicest salutations, mercy and blessings be upon His Prophet Muḥammad.
This is a concise textbook summarizing key aspects of marriage in Islam.

Marriage is a beautiful union that completes the individual and enables emotional, social and physical well-being. This union forms the basic building block that makes up the foundation of families, which form communities, which combine to create societies. When marriages are strong and healthy, societies thrive. Weak marriage relationships negatively impact emotional, social and economical state of individuals and communities, and this directly affects the success of children growing up in such conditions. Marriage is the way of the prophets, and a virtuous act. It safeguards dignity and virtue.

Islam supports and encourages marriage, and provides a detailed framework for approaching, enacting and maintaining marriage. The institution of marriage is described as a blessing: And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves spouses that you may find comfort with; and He created between you affection and mercy. Indeed in this are signs for a people who reflect (Q 30:21).

This book

The text is brief and to the point, enriched with Qurʾānic verses and hadiths. The Qurʾānic verses are in green and hadiths are in blue. The aim of the book is not to explain every aspect of marriage, thus the students are  encouraged, after grasping the information in this text, to consult with scholars and study larger works of fiqh for further and more technical discussions.