Al Ihsan Decoding the Sunnah

What is this Workshop About?

Attending the “Decoding the Sunnah” workshop offers a unique opportunity to deeply understand the Hadith sciences, crucial for anyone interested in Islamic studies. This workshop, taught by the knowledgeable Shaykh Dr. Johan Ghazali, will clarify different types of Hadiths and explore their applications and relevancy in contemporary life. Participants will gain insights into the historical compilations of Hadith, discuss the criticisms and controversies surrounding them, and understand their significance today. Whether you are a professional, student of Islamic studies, or simply curious about the subject, this free workshop at the Guildford Islamic Center offered by Al-Ihsan provides valuable education in a welcoming, scholarly environment, complete with workshop materials and refreshments. It’s an enriching experience that can deepen your knowledge and appreciation of Islamic teachings.

Instructor: Shaykh Dr. Johan Ghazali

Shaykh Johan Ghazali is an Islamic scholar hailing from South East Asia. He  initially pursued a career in the medical field before redirecting his focus towards acquiring Islamic knowledge. He first embarked on his Islamic studies journey at Al-Ihsan in 2014, but subsequently traversed the globe to study under various scholars. Following his graduation, Shaykh Johan has imparted instruction in numerous advanced courses including Fiqh and Hadith at Islamic institutes in Malaysia. Adhering to the Shafi’i school of thought, he has recently reunited with the Al-Ihsan team, where he will serve as one of our scholars, facilitating programs aimed at benefiting our communities.
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